Keeping Your Frozen Yogurt Business Alive

There are a few reasons why owning and operating a frozen yogurt business has become a popular trend. They require very little startup costs. They are quick to turn a profit, and the final product sells itself. Your frozen yogurt machines will become the heart of your business. These machines will work tirelessly day in and day out with no problems at all. These machines are like having your very own money dispensing machines, but they will require some routine maintenance every now and then.

Seals and O-rings

Every frozen yogurt and every soft serve machine has a few working parts that must be cleaned and replaced. Without these working parts, your machine will no longer be able to dispense that cool tasty treat that is the heart of your business. You can choose to replace these parts on your own, or you can have a company do it for you. Either way, it must be done.

Cleaning and Lubrication

Not only must these parts be routinely replaced, but they should also be cleaned regularly as well. After they are properly cleaned, they must be lubricated with a high quality food machinery lubricant. This lubricant is sanitary, non-toxic, odorless, taste-less and NSF approved. This is the perfect type of lubricant to keep the heart of your business running with perfection and producing cup after cup of tasty frozen treats.

Proper Maintenance Schedule

In order to keep your machines running smoothly, a proper maintenance and cleaning schedule is required. Your machines should be cleaned every two to three days. Scraper blades should be replaced every four weeks. The shaft seal and all the O-rings should be replaced every three months. The drive belts should be replaced every year and the condenser should be cleaned once a year as well.


Following this simple routine will keep your machines working in tip top shape.