The Benefits of Cocoa Powder

Cocoa powder is frequently used to create many kind of dish. Many people like how it tastes while other may avoid dish made by cocoa for several reasons. Cocoa is actually a great source of antioxidant which also contains large quantity of iron and magnesium. The finest one will be made by the best organic cocoa beans that have been selected before being produced. If people may think that chocolate is the reason of become fat and unhealthy, they should be wrong since cocoa as well as chocolate has many benefits rather than disadvantages. If there is chocolate product which is calories dense and unhealthy, it is actually because of additional substances like sugar.

In fact, cocoa is able to provide high nutrition including 25 calories and also 1.5 g of fat per 2 tablespoon serving. Moreover, it also consists of 3.6 g fiber that is the 14 percent will be used for daily value and then 8 percent for iron daily value and another 14 percent will be the magnesium daily value. Moreover, the popular thing from its benefit is actually about its antioxidant. Contains flavonoids about 43.6 mg makes cocoa has a large powerful antioxidants which is known as polyphenols. Furthermore, if it is used to make hot cocoa, it will have more antioxidants than tea or red wine.

In addition, it is also known as antidepressant. Cocoa provides antidepressant effect that will have such a benefit in people’s health. In a research, it is discovered that cocoa probably has capability to enhance endorphins, which role as natural opiates for happy and are also responsible in the high feelings created after winning a lottery, exercising, having sex and laughing. However, cocoa also comprise caffeine that probably has negative effect for people, for example insomnia. Then, people who likely suffer kidney stone, they should not consume it.