The Main Components of Industrial Blenders

Blender is the shredder to grind the various materials like meat, seafood and the other food stuffs. It is the equipment that is used for personal and industrial needs. It is made of stainless steel and has a shredder machine component of steel. Meanwhile, the frame of the blender is made of painted iron and it is powered by the dynamo. In fact, industrial blender is designed to smooth the ingredients and ice cubes at once. The time required to blend process is 1-3 minutes depending on the needs and texture. it uses the blade-edged four as the slicer component. The blades rotate through the coupling gears of rubber to the rotating motor.

In the blender body, it is mounted the switch to turn on and set the motor. The variations of this switch are generally dependent on the brand. There are four electronic components to the blender motor. The first is capacitor. It has a function to generate the magnetic flux which will rotate the motor. The second is resistor that is used to reduce the flow of the motor. This prevents the excessive flow in the coil. Meanwhile, the third is diode to rectify the voltage that goes into the coil. And the fourth is the inductor and capacitor that is used to anticipate the high frequency the motor rotation.

Before using the blender, you should read and learn first the brochure about the using instructions. It aims to avoid the damage and accidents that may occur. At the factories, blender is stored in the safe and dry place that is not exposed to direct sunlight. In addition, the regular maintenance is also necessary to keep the performance of the blender. This includes the periodic improvement and cleaning. The body of blender should not be washed because it has the motor and electrical circuits inside. This could cause the significant short-circuit if exposed to water.