The Tasty French Macaron

Culinary industry will absolutely never die. People need foods for sure. As the result, the huge need of food creates a giant culinary business. The are various kinds of food which are offered. The foods are coming from different places, different types, different prices and so on. In the way of attracting people to purchase the food forces the people in this industry creating new products. Some times ago people gave so much attention to the introduction of new kind of cake, the rainbow cake, which is totally just a common cake recipe but has colorful color like a rainbow.

Cake industry then became so popular with the colorful cakes that are ordered by many people. One of the colorful cakes is french macarons. French macaron is different from macaroon, some people might think that they are the same kind of cake. Macaroon is a small light biscuit which is made from eggs, sugar with almonds or coconut, while french macaron is a sweet meringue-based confection made with eggs, icing sugar, granulated sugar, almond powder, and also food colorings. It is filled with various fillings. Not every cake shop provides french macarons, it makes some people cannot taste this delicious cake. Moreover some of them also never heard about it before.

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