Tips for Improving Revenue in a Small Restaurant

The restaurant business in the U.S. is one of the most profitable, with billions of dollars spent each year. However, owning a resultant doesn’t always equate to profits. In fact, many restaurants change ownership every few years because they can’t generate enough revenue. It’s disappointing, as there’s an incredible amount of money that can be made with the right business model and products. If you want to remain in business for years to come, it’s important to be certain all areas of your business are run both effectively and efficiently.

Know the Costs

It’s important to continually know the exact food and beverage costs to ensure menu prices properly reflect these amounts. In addition, restaurants that sell food within the $15 to $25 dollar range actually see greater profits. It’s important to shop and purchase local, whenever possible, to reduce costs and increase customer interest. Forge relationships with these vendors to get the best possible costs, as well.

Educate Staff

The front of the house staff is arguably one of the most important because most will not endure bad service to get to your delicious product. Additionally, restaurants see greater revenues when their staff is educated in all aspects. Wine tastings, food pairing and the like are all crucial to boosting sales. Additionally, if your staff is comfortable with the product, it’ll be easier for them to sell.


Desserts are often overlooked in the restaurant industry, as many owners focus on appetizers that are easier to sell. By creating a lower-costing dessert option with smaller portions, you’re likely to boost sales in this avenue. An ice cream machine in the back of your restaurant will stop customers from walking down the street to purchase gelato or a cone next door. Becoming a one-stop shop ensures you are caring for all of your customer’s needs, reducing their need to go elsewhere.