What You Should Know about ARESCO

ARESCO is an ammonia refrigeration equipment and systems company. Since 1984, ARESCO has been created its own promising path on its field. Fred Lingelbach started ARESCO for the first time. After that, Lingelbach’s son, John, joined his father to continue the company. From that moment, ARESCO is not only supplying the customers with practical experience. ARESCO is also providing high quality products that will change your life. ARESCO has different sections: Products and Services. Services can include In Home Repair, Installation and Re-Piping, Equipment Leasing, and the other services with certain terms and conditions. Meanwhile, the products are compressors, reconditioned and used refrigeration equipment, condensers, vessels and chillers, ice making equipment and water chillers, ammonia hand valves, and many other products.

Nowadays, ARESCO has done many improvements for the customers. ARESCO have collaborated with HDR, Inc. and Architectural/Engineering powerhouse. This collaboration involves 3.000 architects and engineers with more than 60 offices throughout the nation. This made ARESCO as one of the most capable Design-Build, Turn-Key in the United States. With this collaboration and new label, ARESCO provides everything that is needed by its customers. ARESCO is also maintaining the relationship with other companies within the same field. The proofs can be shown. ARESCO is an active member of IIAR (International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration) and also RETA (Refrigeration Engineers and Technicians Association).

Regarding the products, ARESCO has reached improvement and satisfaction. Some of ARESCO’s innovations are already patented, such as ammonia refrigeration system that cuts amount of ammonia in half, ammonia condenser design that removes the heat of compression from the booster compressors, ammonia purge connection that increases the efficiency, accumulator design that reduces ammonia inventory, and many more products. It seems like ARESCO will inform new achievements for its customer on certain period of time. They will not stop growing. Their growth can be found both from the products and also the achievements. One of the newest achievements from ARESCO is about patent approval. An innovation from new ammonia refrigeration system is included as ARESCO’s 6th patent that was approved.