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Choosing from Different Types of Commercial Roofing

You can be able to find a lot of commercial roofing today. There are establishments that are being made of the roof that is flat and the residential counterpart of it that is made of the spikes and tips. It is important that you are to be aware of the types of the commercial roofing in order to be rest assured that the business can be secured from that of the harmful elements like the fire, wind, and the other natural hazards and the man-made factors too. Here are some of the type of the commercial roofing that you can consider.

First one you can consider with is the thermoplastic roofing. This one is made of the TerPolymer Olefins or the TPO. This is actually the widely used kind of systems of all. This can put up an extremely high and at the same time low temperatures. Another thing is that this can be able to repel those harmful UV rays from the sun. In addition to this, it can be able to withstand from the exposure of the various chemical and with that of the ozone. This can be able to last for decades provided that you have this be taken care of.

Second type of the commercial roofing is the EPDM rubber roofing. This can be made of the synthetic rubber that do has standard measurement of that of the thickness. This can be one of the favorites of the business owners as they can save you money right through opting for this kind of roofing system. This can last longer if you will compare it with that of the other types of roofing due to the fact that this is made of rubber. This is not also very sensitive to the punctures.

The last is the shingles. There are actually to types of these shingles and they are the asphalt and the slate. Asphalt shingles can be seen mostly in that of the residential homes. This is actually combined with that of the fiber glass and the wood fiber that is why this can last for 30 years or more. The laminated type of the asphalt shingles can come in variety of designs and colors that you can see in the market. You can be able to benefit from that of the laminated type of asphalt roofing for a span of 50 years which can be very long. The slate type can last for 70 years but this can be hard to install and can be very expensive.

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